If you have earned some hours of college credit, you are an “early college applicant” at UNCG. You may have earned these credits from courses taken in high school or through an AP or IB program.


The timing of your high school graduation determines your student type (first-year student). The total amount of your college credit determines your class standing (first-year, sophomore, etc.).

If you earned college credits during high school but have not taken any college courses since graduating from high school, you should apply as a first-year applicant.

Some of our first-year students enroll with enough credit to be classified as a sophomore or junior. First-year students who achieve upper-level classification may get perks like priority registration, parking privileges, and faster degree program completion.


The amount of college credit you receive is based on UNCG and state policies. NC community college credits are awarded based on the course credit policy defined by the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement between the UNC system and the N.C. Community College system.


If you are graduating with an associate degree from a North Carolina Cooperative Innovative High School, you are entitled to receive special admission consideration. House Bill 97 Section 11.16.(a) states that you have the option of being considered for admission as a first-year or as a transfer student. Weigh your admission options carefully.

  • If you elect to apply as a first-year:
    • We will evaluate your application based on a comprehensive review of your whole application. This includes standardized test scores, high school grades, and college transcripts. This process allows us to get a more comprehensive view of you as a student.
    • You will be eligible to enter through an “undecided” major and may have more flexibility to change your major later.

Please note: Earning an associate degree does not necessarily ensure that you will be able to complete all remaining degree requirements in two years. We suggest reaching out to your intended program to learn more about specific requirements.