What is a Visiting Student?

A Visiting Student is defined as a student currently attending a home institution other than UNC Greensboro, but who seeks to take a course or courses at UNCG. Whether you’re currently enrolled in another college, or a high-school senior wishing to supplement your curriculum, UNC Greensboro welcomes you to take classes as a Visiting Student. You may earn up to 21 credits as a visiting student. Visiting students are not eligible to receive financial aid.

  • Applicants from other colleges or universities must obtain prior approval from their current institution to take courses at UNCG.
  • College-level undergraduate students may apply through our Student Portal. Visiting student application fee is $65. Permission to register does not constitute admission to UNCG or any of its programs.
  • High school seniors with superior academic credentials can attend UNCG as a Visiting student with permissions from their counselor and parents.
  • Students wanting to take courses at the undergraduate level should apply through Undergraduate Admissions. Students wanting to take courses at the graduate level should apply through the graduate school. View our application options on the Apply page.
  • UNCG assumes no responsibility for determining the student’s course selection when the credits are to be transferred elsewhere. Enrollment by permission from another institution does not obligate the university to continue the student’s enrollment at UNCG after the expiration of the permission period. Visiting students are limited to 21 cumulative credit hours and must reapply for each new term.

Former Students may not apply as visiting students. Students attending any of the constituent campuses of the Greater Greensboro Consortium are also not considered visiting students. To learn more about Former Students visit our Former Students Page.


Non-Degree or Special students are students who wish to take courses for the purpose of broadening their cultural interest or purely for their own edification; students taking courses in preparation for application to a program but who are not seeking degree completion with UNCG; or graduates of four-year institutions seeking certification. Interested individuals should submit an application for admission with the non-refundable application fee along with proof of high school graduation.

In order to take a course that requires a prerequisite, appropriate transcripts showing successful completion of the prerequisite should be submitted to the Department of Admissions (unofficial or official are both acceptable). Instructors can also provide overrides for courses that have prerequisite requirements. Contact the professor for assistance.

Students admitted as non-degree seeking/special students are not eligible to receive any federal or university financial aid. Visiting or non-degree students may apply for degree-seeking admission, submitting an application, fee, and all official transcripts. Courses taken at UNCG will be used in the admission review. Special students not seeking certification may enroll in and accumulate no more than 21 credit hours. Credits earned while enrolled as a special student will not count toward graduation until all university admissions requirements have been met.


If you wish to simply attend a course at UNCG for no credit, you are welcome to participate as an auditor. Auditors can participate in courses when space is available and with the approval of the department head and/or the instructor. No credit is involved, no examinations are required, and no grades are reported.

Keep in mind that permission to audit in no way constitutes admission to the University. No formal record of participation as a Visiting Auditor will be maintained. Auditors also do not have access to the Kaplan Center for Wellness, Jackson Library, or campus computer labs.


NOTE: You may only apply as an auditor during the schedule adjustment period each semester (the 1st-5th day of classes). We cannot process applications received prior to the first day of classes or after the 5th day of classes. After processing your application, admissions will notify you of your status in participating in the course.

  • Complete the Visiting Auditor Form, including the signature of the course instructor.
  • Mail or drop off form, along with payment, to UNCG’s Registrar’s Office
    • Mailing address:
      P.O Box 26170, Greensboro, NC, 27402-6170
    • Physical address:
      1202 Spring Garden St., Greensboro, NC, 27412


  • $125 per course
  • No charge for auditors age 65+ who are NC residents or who live in NC

Payment can be made via exact cash or check. No credit cards accepted.

Fees are not processed until the application has been approved. Therefore, refunds are available by request if you are denied or if the class is canceled.