At UNC Greensboro there’s a place for every student, whether they’re just visiting for a single semester or seeking a second-degree in a post baccalaureate program to bolster their graduate school application. We also love seeing our former students come back to finish their degree with us and work closely with them to ensure their continued success.


Many students who aren’t pursuing a UNCG degree or certificate choose to take classes with us as visitors. Some spend a semester with UNCG to earn credits that will transfer back to their home institution. And some are trying a few graduate-level courses to get a feel for the subject matter before applying in the future. Does this sound like you?


Students who have spent two or more full fall or spring semesters away from UNCG, without attending a different institution in the interim, will reapply as former students. Students who have only stopped out for one fall or spring semester are still considered active and can register like a current student. Those who left on academic probation or suspension will have a few extra steps, so it’s important to apply early.


Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree – from UNCG or elsewhere – can apply to earn a second degree. Second-degree seeking students must choose a major different from their original degree and complete at least 31 credit hours through UNCG. Students interested in our Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program fall under this student type.