• Completed application. (via Student Application Portal, Common App, or CFNC)
  • $65 nonrefundable fee or fee waiver. (Note: UNCG accepts fee waivers for first-time students from SAT (College Board or counselor), ACT, and NACAC. We do not participate in the CFNC Free Application Week.)
  • Community standards questionnaire. The UNC system requires all applicants to complete this form.
  • Official high school transcript.
  • Official college transcripts from any post-secondary institutions attended, even those granting summer, extension, developmental, and technical credit. If you completed any college courses while enrolled in high school, request that the college registrar send an official transcript directly to UNCG.


  • Official scores from the SAT or ACT (Optional through 2024). Request that UNCG receive your SAT scores by contacting the College Board (UNCG school code 5913). For ACT scores, contact the American College Testing Program (UNCG school code 3166). 
  • Essay. While not required it is highly recommended to include an essay with a completed application by Early Action deadline.
  • AP and IB Credits. If you want to transfer your AP or IB credit, request for your official score report to be sent to us directly from College Board.


The UNC system mandates the minimum high school courses required for admission to N.C. public universities. Incoming students must have completed:

  • English: 4 units (emphasis on grammar, composition, and literature).
  • Math: 4 units (including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one approved course beyond Algebra II).
  • Science: 3 units (including at least one unit in life or biological science, at least one unit in physical science, and at least one lab course).
  • Social science: 2 units (must include one unit of U.S. history and one unit in history, economics, sociology, or civics).
  • Foreign language: [For students applying for first-time admission for Spring 2024:] Two course units of a language other than English or [For students applying for first-time admission for a term after Spring 2024:] Two additional academic courses from English, mathematics, science, social studies, world languages, or computer science.

UNCG Undergraduate Admissions
P.O. Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170

Enrolled Fall 2022 first years had the following average grades and test scores:

  • Average HS GPA: 3.63 (weighted)
  • Average SAT: 1201
  • Average ACT: 25


Admission to UNCG is competitive. Our decisions are based on a combination of the following factors in order to determine your probability of success at UNCG:

  • Your overall high school and/or college cumulative GPA
  • SAT or ACT scores (optional)

We also review these additional factors:

  • High school course selection and progression
  • Senior class schedule
  • Community Standards concerns
  • dual enrollment courses


Your admission to UNC Greensboro is contingent upon your completion of the following items: 

  • Submit an official copy of your final transcript to Undergraduate Admissions after you graduate. This transcript is due by July 15 for Fall admits, December 15 for Spring admits, and May 15/June 15 for Summer admits.
  • Submit an official copy of any college transcripts reflecting college credits earned prior to enrolling at UNCG.
  • Complete all high school graduation requirements.
  • Meet all of the UNCG high school course requirements.

Our office reviews your grades and courses on your final transcript to verify you are still eligible for admission. We expect you to maintain or improve your grades during the remainder of your senior year.