At UNC Greensboro we want to give you the answers and advice you need when you need it. Your admissions counselor is the best place to start. Use the tools below to find your admissions counselor, whether an undergraduate or graduate student, across North Carolina, the U.S., and beyond.



Use the interactive map tool to find your dedicated Admissions Counselor based on the State and County where you live. The tool will guide you to your designated First-Year Admissions Counselor where you can set up a time to chat with them, call, or email them your questions.


All prospective Undergraduate students can use the interactive map above to connect with their Counselor based on their location. In addition, UNC Greensboro also has Undergraduate Admissions Counselors that are dedicated to supporting our Hispanic and Latinx prospective student communities with events like CHANCE, bilingual campus tours, and one-on-one bilingual meetings. Students are welcome to reach out to the counselors by locating their regional representative on our Latinx counselor map in addition to their territory-based Undergraduate Admissions Counselor.


Our Transfer Admissions Counselors work with students all over the country and North Carolina and offer advice about everything from credit transfer to degree selection. If you have a minimum of 24 semester hours of college-level transferable courses from an institution to which you are eligible to return, and are in good standing, you’re a Transfer Student! Start the process by getting in touch with one of the Transfer Admissions Counselors. Find the representative assigned to your school/county below to reach out directly with any questions on the steps to becoming a Spartan.


UNC Greensboro Admissions Counselors assist qualified applicants from around the globe, appreciating the intellectual and cultural talents international students add to our campus. We are proud of our international students who add to the value we place on diversity, inclusion, intellect, and community service. If you have any questions, contact the Office of Admissions by email at [email protected] or by phone at 336.334.5243.


When seeking a Master’s or Doctoral degree at UNCG, counseling resources are most often available at the department level of the program you’re interested in studying. For specific questions related to admissions to those programs search on the department’s website. However, The UNCG Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment is also available to assist prospective graduate students and applicants with questions.

J. Chastain and Sonia Martin are Admissions Specialists that process graduate applications and assist domestic and international applicants with the application process. They are also available to help with changing items on submitted applications and transcript holds. If you have questions, call 336.334.5596 or email [email protected].