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If you previously earned an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university and would like to pursue a second degree at UNCG, we welcome your application. As you begin the UNCG application process, please note the following requirements.

Requirements for second-degree seeking students

  • Students must select a different major from their first degree. (“Undecided” is not an option.)
  • Students must have earned their first degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Students must complete courses required for their second major (both in the department and cognate areas) but are not required to complete general education core requirements.
  • Students must meet the UNCG residency requirement of 31 on-campus hours. Courses from a first degree can apply to the second degree but may not be used to satisfy the UNCG residency requirement.
  • Students who earned a previous degree from UNCG are required to apply for admission.

Please note: International students should visit the International Programs Center for additional requirements.

Application deadlines

If you would like to pursue a second degree at UNCG, follow our posted admission deadlines. Applications will be considered, space permitting, on a rolling basis.

After reviewing your application, we will let you know if we require additional information. We must receive any requested items by our application deadlines. Because we typically require four to six weeks to review all applications, we strongly encourage you to apply well in advance of the deadline.

Application components

A complete application consists of the following components:

  • Application for Admission (Prior to submitting this online application, please review the general application information and sign up for a SpartanLink account. You may also apply via Common App.)
  • $65 nonrefundable application fee
  • Community Standards Questionnaire, required of all applicants by the UNC system
  • Official transcript sent directly from the registrar of each institution you have attended (including summer session or extension work) to the UNCG Office of Undergraduate Admissions. (Please request that your high school mail an official transcript directly to the UNCG Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If applicable, submit an official copy of your GED scores along with your official high school transcript.)

Please note: Several UNCG programs require a secondary admissions process.

Additional applicant types

Students seeking teacher licensure

If you are seeking Teacher Licensure in the same major as your degree, contact the UNCG School of Education, Student Services, & Advising at 336.334.3410.

Students seeking credit for non-baccalaureate degree purposes

If you already hold a baccalaureate degree and are taking credit for purposes other than a second degree, apply through the Graduate School.

Students applying to pre-professional programs

If you are a second-degree applicant to a pre-professional program, including the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program, apply though Undergraduate Admissions using SpartanLink. You MUST declare a primary academic major that is different from your prior degree, and then choose a second major at UNCG in a pre-professional track, such as Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, etc.

Students with more than 8 semesters and more than 140 credit hours

If you have more than eight semesters and 140 credit hours, you are eligible to be assessed a tuition surcharge per North Carolina state law.