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There are different requirements for readmission to UNC Greensboro depending on how long you have been away. 

Returning after a short absence

If you have been absent for one semester and plan to come back the following semester (excluding summer), you do not need to reapply. Log into UNCGenie to register for courses.

Returning after a longer absence

If you have been absent for more than one semester (excluding summer), reapply for admission using SpartanLink.

Returning after suspension or dismissal

If you’d like to return to UNCG after having an academic or disciplinary suspension or dismissal, reapply for admission using SpartanLink. If you were dismissed for academic reasons, you will also need to get Return from Dismissal Appeal approval before you can be admitted. 

Reapplication Requirements

If you are a former student and are reapplying for admission to the university, remember to:

  • Request that the registrar of each institution you have attended since leaving UNCG (including summer session or graduate work) send an official transcript of your record directly to UNCG.
  • Clear all holds from your records (at UNCG and elsewhere), if applicable.