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Former Students are those who were previously enrolled at UNCG, but have stepped away from pursuing their degree for one or more reasons. There are different requirements for readmission to UNC Greensboro depending on how long you have been away and the circumstance of your departure. This page will help guide you in returning to UNCG and completing your degree. If you have any questions, an admissions counselor can help.

How can I return to UNCG?

Are you a former student who would like to return? First, determine which of the items below best aligns with your situation, then follow the steps for returning to UNCG.

Returning After a Short Absence

If you have been absent for one semester and plan to come back the following semester (excluding summer), you do not need to reapply. For example, if you only took off the fall term but plan to return in the spring, there is no need to reapply and you can log into Schedule Hero to register for courses. If you have been absent for two or more consecutive semesters (excluding summer), follow the Steps for Returning to UNCG and reapply for admission.

Returning After a Longer Absence

If you have been away from UNCG for two or more consecutive semesters (excluding summer), follow the Steps for Returning to UNCG and reapply for admission using our student portal.

Returning After a Suspension or Dismissal

If you’d like to return to UNCG after having an academic or disciplinary suspension or dismissal, follow the Steps for Returning to UNCG below. If you were dismissed for academic reasons, you will also need to get a Return from Dismissal Appeal approval before you can be admitted.

The Steps For Returning to UNCG


Check to see if your Academic Standing is Good Standing, Probation, Suspension, or Dismissal. If you can no longer access UNCGenie and wish to check your academic standing, an admissions counselor can help.

  • Log into UNCGenie and click on the “Student” tab.
  • Click “Student Records”.
  • Click “View Student Information”.
  • Select the upcoming term and you can view your Academic Standing status.

If you were away for just one term (and you weren’t suspended), Skip to Step 3: Address Your Financial Needs. If you are returning from ACADEMIC SUSPENSION, you will need to complete an Academic Re-Orientation Meeting after reapplying. If you are returning from ACADEMIC DISMISSAL, you will need to go through the Return From Dismissal Appeal process before reapplying for admission.


If you are returning to UNCG after being away for two consecutive semesters (summer not included) or are returning from Academic Suspension or Dismissal, you must reapply to UNCG using our Student Portal. Follow the application deadlines when submitting your application.

All students who attended another institution since being away from UNCG must submit official transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions. You can submit transcripts two ways:

  • Submit a request to your previous institution for electronic copies to be sent to UNCG
  • Mail documents directly to UNCG’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions, P.O. Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170


If you would like to apply for financial aid, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid for financial aid consideration.

If you had financial aid before you withdrew and were not in compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy, you will need to fill out a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (336)-334-5702 if you have questions about this process or your SAP eligibility. For assistance with completing a SAP appeal, please contact the Students First Office at (336)-334-5730.

Additional Considerations

The following are offices you should touch base with as you prepare to return:

  • Check with the Cashier’s Office by calling (336) 334-5831 to make sure you do not have any account holds which can hinder your registration eligibility.
  • If you are planning to live on campus, visit Housing and Residence Life to apply.
  • Contact Student Health Services to confirm that your immunizations are still in compliance with university requirements. Students who have been away for at least one semester should complete the Returning/Reactivated Student Form and submit it to Student Health Services to verify immunization compliance.
  • If you left under disciplinary suspension, you will need to touch base with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.
  • If you are returning to UNCG after academic suspension, you will be required to attend an Academic Re-Orientation meeting with the Students First Office to engage in success planning for your return semester. This meeting will be required before you can register for courses in your return semester.

Former Student Enrollment Checklist

Once you’ve been readmitted to UNCG and confirmed your intent to enroll, follow these steps to complete the enrollment process. Track your progress through your Student Portal.

Activate Your UNCG Accounts

You need access to various UNCG platforms to complete your UNCG enrollment. Computing account: You must activate your UNCG username and password to access orientation registration, the housing application, class registration, and immunization and health insurance portals. Shortly after you’re admitted, you receive a message from to your personal email with your UNCG username, UNCG email address, and a temporary password. Follow the prompts to activate your account. Please note, setup includes establishing multifactor authentication.

UNCGenie: This platform allows you to access the Degree Works tool as well as manage tuition payments and
financial aid. You’ll access UNCGenie with a six-digit pin you create at and
your nine-digit UNCG ID number. Your ID number was sent to your personal email within 48 hours of admission, or go to for info on other ways to find it.

Review transfer credit and prepare for advising.

Review any transfer credit (if applicable) and prepare for advising with a Degree Works degree evaluation. Access the Degree Works tool to explore your degree requirements and different scenarios to graduation.

Complete advising & registration.

Academic advising at UNCG is through individual college and school. Before your first academic advising session, which students entering in Fall can expect beginning in April and students entering in Spring can expect beginning in November, you’ll be sent an email to your UNCG account with details about the process. As part of your first advising session, you will receive a code that allows you to access course registration. Direct questions to the advising center associated with your degree program. (Exploratory advising is through the Students First Office.)

Reserve campus housing (optional).

Applications for the Fall semester open Feb. 1, with May 31 as the deadline for guaranteed housing. (Applications open Oct. 4 for Spring and March 15 for Summer.) Earlier applicants get priority, so don’t delay!

Submit immunization records.

All students who live on campus and/or take more than four credit hours of weekday, on-campus courses must submit documentation of state-mandated immunization requirements via the Student Health Services portal.

Waive or enroll in student health insurance.

The UNC System requires students who meet certain criteria to have health insurance. UNCG offers the Student Blue plan from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. Two to three days after you register for classes, you should receive a notification from Student Blue to your UNCG email that you can access the portal ( and take action. Students with qualifying insurance may choose to waive coverage, but please note that inaction will result in default enrollment in the plan, including premium cost.

Request your final transcripts (if applicable).

If you are taking classes at another institution, your official final transcripts are due directly from the accrediting institution as soon as possible after class ends and no later than July 15 for the Fall semester. (Students entering in the Spring or Summer — we need your transcripts in hand no later than two weeks prior to the start of the semester.) Remember that unsatisfactory grades prior to your first semester at UNCG can affect your admission decision. We accept electronic transcripts, or have them mailed directly to UNCG Undergraduate Admissions, P.O. Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170.

Watch for your tuition bill.

Bills are issued electronically, with students notified via their UNCG email. Family members do not automatically receive bill notifications, so be sure to check your inbox. | Learn How to View Your Bill on Spartan Central.

Connect With A Counselor

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help.

Melissa Garrison, Assistant Director of Transfer Recruitment also aids Former Students with their return to UNCG. After an absence, the process can often be confusing on how to return to finish your degree. Melissa is available via email, phone, or even video call to answer your questions and get you back on track as a Spartan. Reach out and connect with Melissa now!