It’s natural to have questions about the college admissions process! And there’s no better person to ask than your dedicated Admissions Counselor; they’re here to help you every step of the way. At UNC Greensboro we want to offer you the easiest means possible to connect with and meet your Counselor. Use the tools below to find your Admissions Counselor, whether you’re a freshman, a transfer student, or even if you or a family member would prefer to have a meeting in Spanish – we’re here to help you find your way here.


Use the interactive map below to find your dedicated Admissions Counselor based on the State and County where you live. Just click the location and we’ll guide you to your Counselor where you can set up time to chat with them. If you are an international student you can learn more on the International Recruitment and Admissions website.


While not clearly defined by a territory such as a state or a county line, our Transfer Admissions Counselors work with students all over the country and North Carolina to find their way to UNC Greensboro. However, to help you find the best counselor to meet with, we’ve provided two options. Each counselor partners with specific schools in NC, check below in their bio to see if your school is listed. If not, utilize the provided reference map of NC and choose a counselor based on the location of your school or home. If you have a minimum of 24 semester hours of college-level transferable courses from an institution in which you are eligible to return, and are in good standing, you’re a Transfer Student! Start the process by getting in touch with one of the Transfer Admissions Counselors.

Map of NC divided into 3 sections. Western NC covered by Angie Moore, Central NC covered by Melissa Garrison, and Eastern NC covered by Andre Hill.


Angie Moore, Assistant Director. Advanced knowledge working with Military Veterans and all things Transfers.


  • Randolph Community College
  • Rockingham Community College
  • Central Carolina Community College


Melissa Garrison, Counselor and Transfer Specialist. A pro at simplifying the process and aiding with co-admissions.


  • Alamance Community College
  • Wake Tech Community College
  • Durham Tech Community College


André Hill, Associate Director. Part of UNCG Admissions for more than 15 years and a Transfer and Adult Admissions Expert.


  • GTCC
  • Davidson-Davie Community College
  • Forsyth Tech Community College


Margarita Kerkado is the Assistant Director of Latinx Education Affairs and is dedicated to serving our Hispanic and Latinx community. While you are welcome to still seek out a Freshman or Transfer counselor, Margarita is available should you or a family member feel more comfortable conducting your meeting in Spanish. Reach out to her with any questions regarding the admissions process or if you’re curious about opportunities for Hispanic and Latinx high school students, like the annual CHANCE program.

Margarita Kerkado es la Subdirectora de Asuntos Educativos de la población Latinx y está dedicada a servir a nuestra comunidad hispana. Margarita está disponible en caso de que usted o un miembro de su familia se sientan más cómodos llevando a cabo su proceso de admisión en español. Llámela o reúnase con ella si tiene preguntas sobre el proceso de admisión o si tiene curiosidad acerca de las oportunidades para los estudiantes hispanos y latinos de secundaria, como el programa anual CHANCE.

Margarita Kerkado, Assistant Director. Fluent in Spanish and Hispanic and Latino Student Admissions and Advising.

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