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UNC Greensboro recognizes the important role that high school and community college counselors play in helping students navigate the college search process. We know that students rely on you to help them find the best academic match. Like you, we take pride in helping students find the right fit. Our admissions counselors welcome the opportunity to work alongside you during your students’ college search and application process.

You will have the opportunity to learn all about UNC Greensboro and the multitude of academic and extracurricular opportunities we have available to your students. Through a series of breakout and information sessions, you will hear from our Provost, Associate Vice Provost for Student Success and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management, as well as faculty, staff, current students, and recent alumni.

Connect with us! We highly encourage you to use the tools below to meet your designated Admissions Counselor. You can schedule a time to chat with them one on one or book a longer period of time with them to host a Virtual School Visit with your students. To help you promote the visit, we’ve prepared a Digital Toolkit for you. Download helpful Instagram and Facebook materials to share, along with email copy, CCTV templates, and more. Need physical materials from us? Just submit a request and let us know what you need.

Application information

UNCG seeks students from a variety of backgrounds. Staff members read and evaluate all applications, and we encourage students to include anything in their application that helps us determine their probability of success at UNCG. The most important thing we look for? We want to see that a student is prepared to succeed at UNCG.

Students have so many capabilities and assets they bring to the table, so we want to consider it all when admitting them and give them credit where it’s due. We take into account that they may have struggled in a class for a semester but now are on the path to recovery. We want to know about the leadership and service capabilities your students have; what qualities will connect them with success at UNCG? We take into consideration anything a student sends us; from recommendation letters to resumes, we want to know it all. Information we consider includes:

  • Overall high school and/or college cumulative GPA
  • High school (and if applicable, college) records
  • SAT, ACT, and other test scores
  • Optional essay, which must to be completed to qualify for merit scholarships
  • Letters of recommendation and resumes, which are encouraged
  • High school course selection and progression
  • Senior class schedule

Freshman Profile

Admission to UNCG is competitive. Our decisions are based on a combination of the following factors in order to determine your student’s probability of success at UNCG. Our average Admitted Fall 2019 freshmen had the following average grades and test scores. Remember that these are averages, we admit a wide range of students, and multiple factors play into a student’s potential success at UNCG.

  • Average HS GPA: 3.79 (weighted)
  • SAT middle 50% ranges: 520-620 evidence based reading and writing 510-600 math
  • Average ACT: 23

How to Help Your Students

You are always welcome to submit student recommendations to (include the student’s full name and DOB in the email). UNCG also accepts fee waivers for first-time students from SAT (College Board or counselor), ACT, and NACAC. Use the links below to submit a fee waiver for your students (we do not participate in the CFNC Free Application Week). Any supporting student materials can be sent electronically to or physically mailed to UNCG Undergraduate Admissions, P.O. Box 26170 Greensboro, NC 27402-6170.

Minimum Course Requirements

To be eligible for admission to UNCG students must complete the following units by the time they finish high school. Questions? Use the tools above to connect with your dedicated Admissions Counselor, they can address any questions during your video chat.

  • English (four units) – emphasizing grammar, composition, and literature
  • Mathematics (four units) – Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and an advanced math course beyond Algebra II*
  • Science (three units) – including at least one unit in life or biological science, at least one unit in physical science, and at least one laboratory course
  • Social Science (two units) – including one unit in US History and one unit in history, economics, sociology, or civics
  • Foreign Language (two units) – both units must be in the same language (required for 2004 high school graduates and beyond)

Additional Resources

Fast facts about UNCG

  • UNCG was founded in 1891 as a school for women. The university has been co-ed since the 1960s. We are one of the three original institutions of the consolidated University of North Carolina system. Today, UNCG enrolls approximately 20,000, including about 16,000 undergraduates.
  • Undergraduates can choose from more than 175 majors and concentrations. Some of the most popular offerings include business administration, biology, psychology, kinesiology, computer science, nursing, information systems and supply chain management, accounting, art, and sociology. There are more than 100 programs for students wishing to pursue an advanced degree.
  • UNCG recognizes the need for students to learn and develop outside of the classroom. We offer hands-on learning opportunities such as internships, undergraduate research, service, and study abroad. Our students expand their perspectives and mature into responsible members of a global society.

Learn more about UNCG and its history here.


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