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Check back in Spring 2022 for information about CHANCE in 2022!

CHANCE July 14-17, 2021

This year, CHANCE will be a 4-day hybrid program for Latinx students currently in 11th grade.  The first three days will include interactive sessions, fun activities, and lots of prizes. Things will wrap up with a one-day campus experience where you will get a good look at what college is all about. You’ll also get a surprise gift when you arrive on campus on Saturday, July 17th

Some activities include:

  • Attending class seminars (across several disciplines)
  • Admissions and Financial Aid Information Sessions
  • Leadership Development
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Civic Responsibility Activities
  • Team Building Activities

Participants will have a chance to engage with university professors, students, and staff to develop a peer/professional network forging positive, healthy mentorship connections focused on academic success and personal growth. This program encourages Latinx students to attend college by increasing their awareness of higher education and showing that it is well within their reach.

Contact Margarita Kerkado (m_kerkad@uncg.edu) if interested in either assisting with the program or attending it.

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