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Andre' HillMegan Butler

Admissions Counselor
Phone: 336.334.5243

Hometown: Burlington, N.C.

Undergraduate major: English

Undergraduate activities:

  • The University of Alabama Honors College
  • Blount Undergraduate Initiative Student Ambassador
  • Freshman Mentor
  • The Well at Calvary Baptist Church

Hobbies: Reading and writing Young Adult lit, yoga, baking, leading youth at St. Mark's Church

Favorite Thing About UNCG: Not a single person is considered an outsider. You receive the effort you put into every interaction and every act of kindness, which enables the campus to feel like a home-away-from-home. There are many opportunities for growth, and everyone supports the learning process with a thoughtful attitude.

Favorite Thing About Greensboro: Growing up in Burlington, a trip to Greensboro meant a trip to the big city, especially around Christmas. We always came to buy our Christmas tree from Wagoner's Nursery, and I would shop at Friendly or the Macy's in town whenever I needed to find something for a formal occasion. Greensboro's the "special occasion," and it's an exciting place to be no matter the time of year!

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