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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2Plus program?

2Plus is an admissions program to help students who have completed certain AAS degrees from participating North Carolina community colleges to transfer to UNCG into specific, corresponding majors with advanced standing. Not all AAS degrees are eligible. Please review the list of AAS degrees for which there are agreements and their corresponding majors at UNCG. Students admitted through 2Plus must major in an area approved under the 2Plus agreement. Students wishing to pursue majors outside of the agreement are not eligible for 2Plus and should apply as regular transfer students.

Can I complete my bachelor's degree in two years?

It depends on which 2Plus program you are entering. Some 2Plus programs can be completed within two years, but most require more time.

Will I be a junior when I begin at UNCG?

While many 2Plus students enter UNCG with junior standing, this status is not guaranteed. Class standing at UNCG is based on a student's credit hours. A junior at UNCG has between 60 and 89 credit hours. 2Plus credits are determined by specific courses completed for the AAS degree and transferred course-by-course, not as a package. Therefore, some 2Plus students will begin at UNCG with class standing below junior status. Entering UNCG as a junior does not guarantee degree completion in two years. 2Plus students, like regular transfer students, must complete all course requirements, either through transfer credit or successful course completion, and reach a minimum of 122 hours in order to earn a bachelor's degree from UNCG.

Do I have to complete general education requirements at UNCG?

Yes. You will need to complete all of the general education requirements and departmental requirements in order to earn the bachelor’s degree. Your transfer credits may satisfy some general education requirements and some departmental requirements. You can complete a CAPP Report once you are admitted to see what courses are satisfied with your transfer credits and which courses need to be completed for the bachelor’s degree.

Do I have to complete my AAS before beginning at UNCG?

Yes. Students applying and/or admitted through 2Plus must complete all AAS degree requirements and provide an official transcript to UNCG showing the degree awarded. Students are not admissible through 2Plus until the degree has been awarded.

I received a package of elective hours for the completion of my AAS degree. What happens to these elective hours?

All 2Plus students receive a package of elective hours for the completion of the AAS degree. The number of hours received depends on the AAS degree and the major pursued at UNCG. These elective hours are meant to compensate for lost technical credits from the AAS in the transfer to UNCG. These hours help students move closer to the 122-hour minimum required (for most majors) to earn a bachelor's degree from UNCG; however, these elective hours do not count toward any departmental requirements. 2Plus students must complete all courses required for the major that are not satisfied by transfer credits.

Who will be my advisor?

For your first semester at UNCG, your academic department will provide an advisor to discuss registration for your first semester courses. Once you are admitted to UNCG, you can contact your major’s department at UNCG to request an advising appointment. During your first semester, a permanent advisor within your major will be assigned to you. You can find your advisor’s name through your UNCGenie account once the advisor has been assigned.

What if I want to change my major?

2Plus majors are directly connected to the specific AAS degree completed. 2Plus students are admitted exclusively to specific majors and not to the university as a whole. 2Plus students can change their majors within the parameters of the 2Plus agreement but not outside of the agreement. For instance, a student with an AAS Business Administration may change his/her major to another major offered within the Bryan School of Business and maintain his/her 2Plus admissions credits. However, if you choose to change to a major outside of the 2Plus agreement, you will lose 2Plus credits and must be admissible as a regular transfer student, which includes the submission of an official high school transcript. You will not need to resubmit an application. All major changes must be approved by the 2Plus coordinator in the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

How do I know how many credits will transfer?

Transfer credits are reviewed once a student has applied to UNCG and official transcripts have been received. Students can view the courses that transfer in SpartanLink after the application is complete.

I have completed my AAS. Can I return to the community college to complete more classes toward my bachelor's degree at UNCG?

Once you have completed the course work and graduated from the community college with your AAS, you can take additional technical classes – classes that do not transfer except as part of the 2Plus agreement – for transfer credit. Students can also complete traditional college-transfer courses from the community college to complete additional requirements. However, be aware that UNCG accepts only 64 hours from a two-year college. While you can earn course credit for classes successfully completed beyond 64 hours, you will not earn additional hours in transfer. Because 2Plus credits vary between degrees and intended majors, you should seek advisement from the 2Plus coordinator or the department of your intended major before returning to the community college.

I completed 76 hours at the community college but received only 64 hours at UNCG. What happened?

UNCG will transfer only 64 hours from a two-year college. While you may earn course credit for classes successfully completed beyond this limit, you will not earn additional hours.

Can I complete my degree online?

UNCG offers  several online degree completion programs for 2Plus students. The appropriate AAS degree is required. Depending on the number of college transfer credits a 2Plus student brings to UNCG, there may be further general education requirements needed for the bachelor's degree.  Refer to the 2Plus major page to see the online degree options

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