Although campus tours are still virtual, our offices are open. Hours: M-Th 9a-5p; Fr 9a-4:30p. Walk-ins by appointment.

College admissions counselors at UNCG are experts in the admissions process, from college search to enrollment. We’re happy to meet with you as you navigate the road ahead. Connect with our college admissions advisors during campus visits and events, or during regional recruitment events in your area. You may also connect with our admissions counselors during our regular office hours.

Default Profile Image forChristopher Keller

Christopher Keller

Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Default Profile Image forKacy McAdoo

Kacy McAdoo

Senior Associate Director
Default Profile Image forAlicia Dugas

Alicia Dugas

Associate Director
Default Profile Image forAndré Hill

André Hill

Associate Director
Default Profile Image forKattya Castellón

Kattya Castellón

Associate Director, Latino Education Affairs
Default Profile Image forWhitney Belk

Whitney Belk

Assistant Director - Charlotte Regional Representative
Default Profile Image forTatiana MacAneney

Tatiana MacAneney

Assistant Director
Default Profile Image forAngie Moore

Angie Moore

Student Services Specialist
Default Profile Image forMelissa Garrison

Melissa Garrison

Admissions Counselor, Transfer Specialist
Default Profile Image forSarah Beale

Sarah Beale

Adult Student Advisor
Default Profile Image forMargarita Kerkado

Margarita Kerkado

Admissions Counselor, Latino Education Affairs
Default Profile Image forLauren Scott

Lauren Scott

Admissions Counselor