Lloyd International Honors College

Lloyd International Honors College provides an enhanced undergraduate education with an international focus for motivated, high-achieving students in all fields of study. International Honors students choose from a variety of honors courses, become conversant in a foreign language, and study abroad for at least one semester. Disciplinary Honors students conduct research in their major that culminates in a senior honors project. Students who complete both programs are awarded full university honors.

To be eligible to apply for International Honors, students must have at least a 1270 on the critical reading and mathematics portions of the SAT combined, a 3.8 high school weighted GPA, or a 26 ACT composite score. To be considered for admission, incoming first-year applicants must meet one of these criteria and must also submit a supplemental honors application which includes a resume and essay.

The historic North and South Spencer residence halls are the dedicated housing for Honors College students. 

More information about the Honors College and the application process are available at honorscollege.uncg.edu.

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