Peace and Conflict Studies

The Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) program takes a dynamic and interdisciplinary approach to the study of peace and the practice of conflict management, resolution, and transformation. The graduate and undergraduate programs develop knowledge and provide high-quality, professional training in conflict transformation, resolution, and management. Our program focuses on peace building and conflict transformation aimed at solving problems in a variety of social settings, as well as providing the theoretical foundations for professional practice in human rights, social justice, restorative practice, and cultural awareness.

    • Graduates become leaders in conflict transformation and change management in many settings. Potential career opportunities include:
      • Community building/organizing/development
      • Trainer/facilitator
      • Mediator/negotiator
      • Humanitarian action
      • Educator: K-12 and higher education
      • Restorative justice, trauma, and healing
      • Legal/criminal justice/juvenile justice
      • Diplomat/peace builder
      • Social change
      • Law enforcement
      • Medical/health care
    • Students gain perspective on the challenges facing individuals, families, organizations, communities, and social and political systems – locally and globally.
    • Students are exposed to an array of techniques and strategies for nonviolent, constructive solutions to conflicts that arise in diverse personal, professional, organizational, and community environments.
    • A practicum allows students to gain hands-on experience in peace and conflict practice.
    • Study abroad is encouraged, including to Germany (University of Konstanz), Northern Ireland/United Kingdom (University of Ulster), Sweden (Linnaeus University and Malmo University), South Africa (University of Stellenbosch), Australia (University of Western Sydney and Australian Catholic University), and Denmark (University of Copenhagen).
    • There are many outreach and service opportunities for applied learning:
      • Landlord-Tenant Dispute Program, offered collaboratively with the city of Greensboro
      • Center for New North Carolinians, a collaboration in scholarship and community engagement
      • Partnership with Transcend USA, whose mission is to bring about a more peaceful world by offering education/ training and research to transform conflicts nonviolently

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