The Kinesiology degree prepares students as professionals to promote and encourage enhanced performance and quality of life of all citizens through active lifestyles and lifetime physical activity. Students pursue careers in multiple health fields and professions, and the program offers prerequisite courses for graduate school for athletic training, physical therapy, physician’s assistant, physical education and health teacher education, and more.

    • Graduates pursue careers with major employers such as Bank of America, Guilford County Schools, City of Greensboro, Medic Computer Systems, Cone Health, Riverside Wellness, N.C. State University, Bermuda Retirement Resort, Carolina Spine Center, and United Healthcare.
    • Graduates pursue careers as personal trainers for companies such as World’s Gym and Gold’s Gym.
    • Graduates enter master's and doctoral programs at schools with post-baccalaureate programs such as UNCG, East Carolina University, Duke University, and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
    • A six-semester-hour internship offers practical experience in professional/community settings and provides experience appropriate to the student's career goals.
    • Professional development opportunities include leadership seminars and conventions.
    • Undergraduate research assistantships in programs that promote physical fitness in children, fibromyalgia research and activities, and physical education community outreach support students as they gain valuable research experience.
    • Students may be eligible to complete an undergraduate degree in approximately three years.
    • The faculty of the Kinesiology Department is committed to integrating community service into many aspects of research and teaching.
    • Several faculty members have ongoing community programs, often calling on student volunteers to help their operation.
    • Member of American Kinesiology Association
    • Students enter the program as pre-kinesiology majors. Once they complete select courses, and if they have a minimum 2.5 GPA, they can then apply for entry to the kinesiology major. The application is internal and reviewed by the department.

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