Environmental & Sustainability Studies
(Special Programs in Liberal Studies)

Environmental & Sustainability Studies is an interdisciplinary program that fosters understanding of the relationships between human societies and the natural, physical, and biological settings for life on Earth. Students combine the study of ecosystems, pollution, climate, energy, and other environmental and natural resource issues with social sciences such as environmental politics, economics, sociology, and law. It also considers the ethical implications of environmental problems and their possible solutions in the context of the humanities with courses in history, the arts, and ethics.

    • Graduates are prepared for a variety of career opportunities that require a broad range of knowledge about environmental issues.
    • Careers are available in environmental education, sustainability programs, recreation and tourism, environmental journalism, scientific research, environmental activism and lobbying, and government and public policy.
    • Employers include local, state, and federal agencies; business; and nonprofit organizations.
    • Work with faculty from across campus to gather information about environmental problems from multiple disciplines, think critically about the causes of environmental problems, propose effective solutions, and communicate ideas clearly.
    • A flexible program that allows students to select courses related to their personal and career interests.
    • Research assistantships or opportunity to work closely a professor on a research project.
    • Numerous pathways to a minor or major in other fields.
    • Opportunities to intern with organizations including the Greensboro Science Center, National Park Service, Piedmont Land Conservancy, UNCG Sustainability Office, and more.
    • A student organization, UNCGreen, dedicated to making UNCG more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
    • Support to participate in the Lloyd International Honors College and short- or long-term study abroad.
    • Association for Environmental Studies & Sciences

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