Anthropology is the study of humankind in all its dimensions, including biological, historical, and cultural perspectives. The Anthropology Department offers undergraduates the opportunity to study biological anthropology, archaeology, and cultural anthropology — in the classroom, the lab, and the field — with active researchers and dedicated teachers, providing students with a global and multicultural perspective valued by many employers today.

    • Graduate study in anthropology and related fields at schools including The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Arkansas, and University of Hawaii.
    • Professional schools such as law school and medical school.
    • Employment with government organizations such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and corporations such as Amazon.
    • As a student you may:
    • Find 50-million-year-old fossil primates in Wyoming; excavate ancient Peruvian sites; study the effects of natural disasters on modern societies; dig up human ancestors and their tools at Olduvai Gorge in Africa; and explore historic archaeology of the Piedmont region.
    • Study medical and applied anthropology.
    • Participate in interdepartmental programs in African American and African diaspora studies, archaeology, international studies, and linguistics.
    • Work with faculty to produce original research and present it at regional and national professional conferences.
    • Our small department of about 10 faculty and 125 majors provides many hands-on educational opportunities for students to work closely with faculty and other students in the classroom, the laboratory, and in the field.
    • In recent years, our faculty have brought students on research trips to Mexico, Peru, Tanzania, and Wyoming; and we also provide many research opportunities closer to home.

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