Outstanding value is a UNCG hallmark, with the university recognized nationally for the affordability and value of a UNCG degree.

Estimated costs

The following estimated annual costs for 2017-2018 are for full-time students living on campus, excluding costs of books, supplies, clothing, travel, and personal expenses:

  In state Out of state
Tuition/fees 7,250 22,409
Room (double) 4,939 4,939
Meals  3,584 3,584
Total 15,773 30,932

Payment Plan

A payment plan called TuitionPay is available. For more information or an application for the TuitionPay Payment Plan, call the Cashier's and Student Accounts Office toll-free at 1-877-286-8250 or TuitionPay at 1-800-635-0120 (online at

For detailed information about costs, visit the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.

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