2Plus Programs | UNC Greensboro Undergraduate Admissions

If you’re on track to complete an Associate of Applied Science (AAS), or an associate degree in Nursing (ADN), from a participating NC community college, you may be able to transfer via a 2-Plus program. These programs allow students to transfer to specific majors at UNCG with advanced standing.

Eligible degrees

The following AAS degrees are transferable to UNCG under the 2Plus program. 

  • Allied Health Technology (AAS) – Transfers to UNCG degree in Community Health Education.
    • Allied Health Technology includes degrees in Criminal Justice Technology, Dental Hygiene Technology, Early Childhood Education, Emergency Medical Science, Fire Protection Technology, Health Information Technology, Healthcare Management Technology, Human Services Technology, Medical Assisting Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Sonography, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Nursing, Occupational Technology, Opticianry Technology, Physical Therapist Technology, Radiation Therapy Technology, Radiography Technology, Respiratory Care Technology, Speech-Language Pathology, and Surgical Technology.
  • Architectural Technology (AAS) – Transfers to UNCG degree in Interior Architecture.
  • Biotechnology (AAS) – Transfers to UNCG degree in Biology, including BA, BS, and biotechnology concentration.
  • Business (AAS in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Technology, Computer Programming, Office Systems, or Real Estate) – Transfers to UNCG Bryan School of Business programs in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems & Supply Chain Management, International Business, or Marketing.
  • Early Childhood Education (AAS) – Transfers to UNCG degrees in Birth-Kindergarten (licensure), Early Care and Education, Elementary Education, or Special Education (general).
  • Human Services Technology (AAS) – Transfers to UNCG degree in Social Work.
  • Nursing (AAS or ADN) – Transfers to UNCG Nursing.

2Plus majors correspond to specific AAS and UNCG degrees. Students are admitted exclusively to approved majors and not to the university as a whole. If you wish to pursue a major outside of the 2Plus program, you will need to apply as a regular transfer student.

If you choose to change to a major outside of the 2Plus agreement, you will lose 2Plus credits and must be admissible as a regular transfer student, which includes the submission of an official high school transcript. You will not need to resubmit an application. All major changes must be approved by the 2Plus coordinator in the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

How to apply

If you are interested in transferring to UNCG through our 2Plus program, you must first complete all of your AAS degree requirements. (UNCG Admissions requires an official transcript showing the degree awarded.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions must receive all application materials by the dates listed. (Please visit Instructions and Deadlines for more information.) We accept 2Plus students for fall and spring semesters. UNCG operates under rolling admission for 2Plus students, so the earlier you apply, the better. You will be notified in writing of the decision.

International students should visit the International Programs Center for additional requirements.

Transfer credits

Once you have transferred to UNCG through our 2Plus program, you will need to complete all of the general education requirements and departmental requirements in order to earn your bachelor’s degree.

To determine which courses are already satisfied through your transfer credits, complete a DegreeWorks Report, or degree audit.

Please note: UNCG will transfer only 64 hours from a two-year college. While you may earn course credit for classes successfully completed beyond this limit, you will not earn additional hours.

Class standing

Your class standing at UNCG is based on your credit hours. A junior at UNCG has between 60 and 89 credit hours. 2Plus credits are determined by specific courses completed for the AAS degree and are transferred course-by-course, not as a package. Therefore, some 2Plus students will begin at UNCG with class standing below junior status.

Entering UNCG as a junior does not guarantee degree completion in two years. 2Plus students, like regular transfer students, must complete all course requirements, either through transfer credit or successful course completion, and reach a minimum of 122 hours in order to earn a bachelor’s degree from UNCG.