As of February 2017, the N.C. Residency Determination Service is the entity responsible for all classifications of residency for tuition purposes in North Carolina. Residency classification for tuition purposes determines in-state or out-of-state status and may impact admission, tuition, scholarship, or financial aid eligibility.

A residency determination from RDS is required for any individual applying for admission, readmission, or transfer to any N.C. college or university, public or private, who wishes to receive the benefits of in-state tuition and/or eligibility for state grants. Complete the RDS online interview process at

While residency determination is not a responsibility of UNCG, staff members in the Office of Undergraduate Admission are happy to assist students and families with other application and enrollment matters. Contact us at or 336.334.5243.

Sharing your RCN with UNCG

Successful completion of the RDS process results in a validated residency certification number (RCN). Your RCN determines your status as a resident or non-resident of North Carolina for tuition purposes. Email your residency certification number (RCN) to UNCG at
Please note: Until UNCG receives and confirms your RCN information, you are classified as a non-resident of North Carolina for tuition purposes.


The information below addresses the most basic elements of the N.C. Residency Determination Service. Visit to learn more.  

  • The RDS online interview is a series of questions/requests; your responses will determine your residency status (which is prescribed by N.C. law).  
  • Required information will include identification numbers for you and/or your parents, such as you might provide for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Assuming you provide all the information requested, the system will communicate your residency determination immediately on completion of the interview. 
  • Also on completion of the process, you will receive a residency certification number (RCN). You will enter this unique identifier on college admissions applications.
  • You can complete the RDS process before, during, or after completing your admissions application. The RDS process must be complete by the 10th day of the specified semester for a student to qualify for in-state tuition rates.
  • You may re-enter the interview process for up to 25 calendar days. After 25 days, residency status defaults to non-resident.
  • The RDS process is required only once during each application cycle, regardless of the number of N.C. colleges or universities to which you apply.  
  • Reconsiderations and appeals are available to students deemed nonresidents by RDS.
  • Students who transfer between any two institutions must reapply via RDS to receive in-state tuition or to be considered for state student aid.
  • RDS was established collectively by the UNC system, the N.C. Community College system, N.C. State Education Assistance Authority, and N.C. Independent Colleges and Universities.

Phone: 844-319-3640
Fax: 919-835-2427
Mail: Residency Determination Service
PO Box 41940
Raleigh, NC 27629-1940


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