ITT Tech Students

With the nationwide closure of ITT Technical Institute campuses, thousands of students have been left without a place to pursue their higher education goals. If you are a former ITT Tech student, UNCG can work with you.

UNCG recommends that you start fresh and apply as a freshman. This option allows you to take advantage of loan forgiveness options and get the most out of your time at UNCG.

  • If you apply for our upcoming Spring semester, we will waive your application fee in order to ease the transition during this challenging time.
  • You will need to submit high school and college transcripts from all institutions you've attended. 
  • Those under the age of 21 should also submit SAT or ACT test scores. 
  • You will remain eligible for the government's closed school loan discharge program. A closed school discharge is a 100 percent discharge of the federal Direct Loans, Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program loans, or Federal Perkins Loans you took out to attend the closed school and a reimbursement of amounts you have already paid to the government.
  • You may be eligible for financial aid through UNCG. Make sure to file your FAFSA and reach out to our Financial Aid Office with questions.

Our priority deadline for Spring 2017 admission is November 15. If you have any questions, contact our Transfer Admissions specialist, Rick Titus (

Additional Transfer Options

Transfer credit options are very limited. Most of the coursework offered at ITT Tech satisfies requirements towards technical degrees and does not readily correspond to UNCG programs. Also, transferring any credits to UNCG from ITT Tech will disqualify you from the government’s closed school loan discharge program. Keep in mind you will have fewer than 24 transferable credit hours, which means you must meet freshman admission requirements. 

In lieu of transferring credits, you may consider taking CLEP exams to qualify to bypass certain lower level courses. CLEP exams are administered through the College Board. UNCG has a clearly outlined list of exams accepted and their credit equivalency.

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