Degree Outcomes

  • Graduates have received competitive grants and fellowships, including the Fulbright Teaching Fellowship and the Spanish Ministry of Culture Fellowship.
  • Career in fields include government services, tourism and hospitality, international business, social work, international law, international relations, radio and television, advertising, court interpreting, fashion, foreign language/ESL education, health care, and the armed forces.
  • Graduates hold positions in the U.S. government and Foreign Service and also pursue careers in translating, publishing, international business, and teaching in public and private middle and high schools.
  • Graduates have earned advanced degrees in Spanish at institutions such as Yale University, Pennsylvania State University, the University of N.C. at Chapel Hill, The University of Virginia, University of Kentucky, and Vanderbilt University.

The Student Experience

  • Well-rounded preparation in language, literature, and culture and opportunities to explore subjects of special interest.
  • The opportunity to improve French and Spanish skills by joining the Global Village living-learning community in Phillips/Hawkins Residence Hall.
  • Joining the Spanish Club to meet others who are interested in learning about different cultures that speak Spanish.
  • University chapters of the national honor organization Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish).
  • Annual scholarships including the Spicer Scholarship, the Karen B. McFayden Scholarship, the Simpson Scholarship, the Barney Scholarship, the RPH Foreign Study Scholarship, the Ramiro Lagos Scholarship for Study Abroad, and the LaRochelle Scholarship.
  • Study abroad programs in several Spanish-speaking countries, including summer programs in Costa Rica and Spain.
  • Service-learning opportunities that engage students with local Spanish-speaking communities, enhance academic learning, and develop civic leadership.
  • Internships requiring foreign language skills; placements related to health care, immigration/legal issues, social services, marketing, second language acquisition, and more.