Marketing | UNC Greensboro Undergraduate Admissions


Degree Outcomes

  • More than 83 percent of marketing students get a job prior to graduation.
  • The marketing program at UNCG is designed to prepare students for careers in a variety of marketing and sales positions. Students can specialize in marketing, professional selling, and social media marketing.
  • There are a great variety of jobs available to marketing graduates, including brand management, international marketing management, marketing consultant, sales management, advertising management, social media specialist, digital marketing management, customer relations management, sports marketing management, customer service specialist, market researcher/analyst, small business management, and product/service development.
  • Recent graduates are working at McKinsey, Amazon, Oracle, American Airlines, Walt Disney World, WXII-12 News, Hyatt Hotels, and Marriott Hotels & Resorts.

The Student Experience

  • Cutting-edge courses that arm our students with the right knowledge and skills for the modern business environment.
  • Hands-on learning: Students complete projects for real companies in multiple courses, including Buyer Behavior, Market Research, Digital Marketing Analytics, Advanced Marketing Management, and International Marketing.
  • Plenty of networking opportunities with employers through student organizations (e.g., American Marketing Association Student Group, North Carolina Sales Institute Business Student Group).

Accolades & Accomplishments

  • Since 2016, the North Carolina Sales Institute (NCSI) has been recognized as one of the top Professional Sales Education Programs by the Sales Education Foundation.

Accreditations & Affiliations

  • SACS