Exploratory | Undecided | UNC Greensboro Undergraduate Admissions


The Exploratory Experience

• Customized advising to begin planning personal, academic, and career goals.
• Support identifying courses, programs, and co-curricular opportunities at the university and in the surrounding community.
• Access to campus resources to learn the skills needed for academic success.
• Enrollment in Exploratory-specific First Year Experience courses, which promote self, major, and career exploration and support the academic and personal success of students in their first year of college.
• Career/professional development coaching to explore connections between academic majors and career aspirations.
• A strategy to select courses that allow for exploration of academic areas of interest while also fulfilling university requirements.
• Discovery of personal values, interests, and abilities; identification and exploration of majors and careers that resonate with them; self-knowledge to select a program of study that reflects goals.