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Degree Outcomes

  • Graduate study in anthropology and related fields at schools including The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Arkansas, and University of Hawaii.
  • Professional schools such as law school and medical school.
  • Employment with government organizations such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and corporations such as Amazon.

The Student Experience

As a student you may:

  • Find 50-million-year-old fossil primates in Wyoming; excavate ancient Peruvian sites; study the effects of natural disasters on modern societies; dig up human ancestors and their tools at Olduvai Gorge in Africa; and explore historic archaeology of the Piedmont region.
  • Study medical and applied anthropology.
  • Participate in interdepartmental programs in African American and African diaspora studies, archaeology, international studies, and linguistics.
  • Work with faculty to produce original research and present it at regional and national professional conferences.

Accolades & Accomplishments

  • Our small department of about 10 faculty and 125 majors provides many hands-on educational opportunities for students to work closely with faculty and other students in the classroom, the laboratory, and in the field.
  • In recent years, our faculty have brought students on research trips to Mexico, Peru, Tanzania, and Wyoming; and we also provide many research opportunities closer to home.