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African American & African Diaspora Studies

Degree Outcomes

  • AADS graduates are prepared to enter careers in the fields of medicine, law, marketing, public relations, nonprofit management, education, project management, and more.
  • All AADS graduates have attained valuable skills for the workplace through cultural awareness and sensitivity to diverse perspectives.
  • Graduates continue their studies at professional and graduate schools such as Duke University, Vanderbilt University, and the University of California at Berkeley. They also enter the public sector in fields such as education and civic government.
  • Some of our most recent graduates include a mayor, a high school history teacher, a tenured professor of law, and a college professor. Check out our recent AADS Alumni success stories.

The Student Experience

  • AADS majors receive instruction in a student-focused seminar structure, including a capstone senior experience.
  • Students have the option of completing their degree in AADS with Disciplinary Honors from the Honors College.
  • Smaller class sizes foster close faculty/student mentoring opportunities.
  • Outside of class, students may be selected to serve in leadership positions as AADS student ambassadors, representing the program to the university and the greater community.
  • Students are given the opportunity to organize and participate in public-facing conversations about their research through Conversations with the Community and the annual national conference hosted by AADS: Conference on African American and African Diasporic Cultures and Experiences (CACE). Previous conferences can be found here.
  • AADS majors and minors are strongly encouraged to become interns during their time in the program. Students have the option of gaining hands-on experience through on-campus internships, or through internships with community partners that include law firms, educational and cultural enrichment, and other areas of talent development that can be applied effectively to various careers. More information about internships with AADS can be found here.
  • The AADS Student Club promotes positive dialogue and community involvement in AADS. Learn more.
  • AADS student awards honor the research and creative activity of majors. They are named after AADS’s founders in the areas of art, performance, education, and theory.
  • The Whitney “Whitty” Ransome Scholarship is made possible by the generosity of an accomplished 1967 graduate of the Woman’s College to support a student majoring in AADS. Applications are considered yearly and are submitted through the university’s S3 scholarship system.
  • Learn more and see the program firsthand by Scheduling a Tour.

Accolades & Accomplishments

  • AADS faculty has advanced degrees from top-notch research institutions, including Chicago, Columbia, Perdue, NYU, SUNY, and Yale. Our award-winning faculty is devoted to teaching excellence and high-impact practices inside and outside the classroom. Read more about our talented faculty here.
  • AADS was named one of the top programs in African American Studies by Academic Analytics.