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Majors & Concentrations

  • Dance (BFA) U431
  • Dance K-12 Lic (BFA) U438
  • BFA in Dance Choreography and Performance U458
  • BFA in Dance Choreography and Performance with K-12 Lic U459
  • BA in Dance Studies U435
  • BA in Dance Studies with K-12 Lic U437

About the Major

  • The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography provides experiences in dance as an art form with emphasis on creative and performance activities. Coursework in contemporary dance, ballet, choreography, and performance are central in the curriculum, providing a basis for graduate study and for careers related to dance.
  • The Bachelor of Arts in Dance Studies provides students with a liberal arts-focused education in dance, allowing for flexibility in creating an educational experience tailored to individual strengths and the pursuit of multiple majors.
  • Teacher licensure (K-12) may be added to either degree.

Special Application Procedures

An in-person entry audition is required to major in dance at UNCG. Auditions are held twice a year (once in fall and one in spring) in the Health & Human Performance Building (HHP) on campus for new and transfer students interested in majoring in dance. The department coordinates the bi-annual auditions well in advance of other deadlines for the university. To register for an audition, please visit

What's unique about Dance at UNCG?

  • The UNCG dance curriculum is designed to combine knowledge with practice through strong technical training in multiple techniques and a liberal arts learning foundation.
  • UNCG dance brings learning to life for students, who can work with our community outreach program, Dancers Connect, and have internship opportunities both on and off campus.
  • The department offers four levels of contemporary dance, three levels of ballet, three levels of jazz, three levels of African dance, two levels of hip-hop, and two levels of tap dance.
  • Classes are offered in improvisation, global dance forms, performance/repertory, choreography, dance history, dance criticism, dance production and technology, body sciences and somatic practices for dance, dance entrepreneurship, and administration and dance education.
  • Facilities include five studios, complete sound system in every studio, a fully equipped dance theater, an extensive video resource library, and video recording/editing equipment. Live accompaniment is provided for most technique classes.

Academic Clubs and Organizations

  • Prime Movers: Social and educational club, responsible for annual concerts of student work.
  • Delta Chi Xi Honorary Dance Fraternity

Student Opportunities

  • Internships are developed to meet the student's needs. Most frequent are internships in schools or community dance settings, teaching, or doing administrative work.
  • The department produces 10-12 concerts each year. Many of these productions offer chances for undergraduates to perform. At least two concerts each year include choreography by undergraduate students.
  • Resident faculty and student dance companies.


  • Career options include performance and choreography positions, as well as arts administration and teaching in a school or community setting.
  • In addition to the above career options, graduates of the program have pursued careers writing about dance, sales and marketing of dance-related items, lighting design for dance, costume design for dance, dance therapy, dance science/medicine, dance history, dance notation, graphic design for dance, dance photography, and dance technology.

Professional Organizations and Accreditation

  • National Association of Schools of Dance
  • National Dance Education Organization
  • REDempiton Arts: a Faith-based arts collaborative, connecting students of faith through the arts.

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